What Our Residents Are Saying About Fox Chase Apartments

I've lived here for over 2 years. My wife lived at these apartments before I met her, so I ended up moving in with her. The staff are super friendly. The community is very welcoming. I love the dog walking community and hope our next place has such a great dog walking community as well. Summer events are always awesome here. Big pool party with lots of people, games, prizes, food. Good times!The apartment itself offers a nice location right next to the interstate and is centrally located in Arnold. Arnold is a great place to live as everything you need is right next to you. There are beautiful trees all over, although in recent times, they have been cutting down quite a few, which is sad. Supposedly this is due to some kind of bug inside the tree that is currently impossible to get rid of. Eventually the bug will eat the tree away and could damage cars parked underneath during storms. All of these trees have been removed, but there are still quite a few trees that are beautiful to look at. There are many types of birds here, which is great for bird watching if you are into that. Simply set a bird feeder on your porch and you will have endless entertainment. My personal favorite is the beautiful morning dove.It's nice having a washer and a dryer inside the house. If you need laundry done quickly, you can simply go to the laundromat which the apartment has right behind its office.If you have a loud obnoxious neighbor, simply talk to them and tell them what's up. I've had quite a few people move in and get evicted due to noise complaints. Easy fix!Anyone complaining about the highway noise should really get a reality check. Why would you move into an apartment that is literally right next to the interstate if you can't stand the interstate noise? I've got what's called Misophonia, which is a hatred of sound. The interstate noise is actually soothing to me, and I've probably got one of the closest apartments to the interstate.My only regret is that the walls in our bathroom are completely stained from the chain smoker that lived here before us. They were painted over before we got here, but the residual stains come out whenever you take a hot shower. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's started to cause me and my wife to develop allergies, despite vacuuming and cleaning the house every week. It could also be due to living in Missouri, but who knows.The showers can also be slightly annoying, as sometimes they are super hot, other times super cold, despite the weather and the temperature you set them to (and not running water elsewhere). I wish they would stay a consistent temperature.Thanks for making this a great 3 years for me and my wife, Fox Chase!Edit:: I am editing this to a 5 star review (June 23rd, 2018). The reason for this edit is due to the great kindness of the apartment managers, especially Angie. They are understanding of situations and are completely genuine people. Thanks Angie, Karen, and the rest of Fox Chase Apartment staff! You guys are awesome and we wish you the best in the future!read more
Sean McMickle
18:00 23 Jun 18
Great place to to everything.....i would rate 10 stars if possible
Clay Neroli
21:31 26 Mar 18
I've lived here for over a year. My father and brother have lived in the complex for a very long time. The management and maintenance staff are wonderful! Conveniently located to hwy 55 it is a breeze to get to work. I do recommend this property for people that care about where they more
Michelle StClair
21:44 21 Sep 15

Barbie Ann Overkamp
Barbie Ann O.
I have lived in many another apartment complexes where you are treated like a number. Fox Chase treats you as a client whom they truly care about. Anything you need done on maintenance is done promptly and done right. This community is friendly. Most people know each other from living here. Neighbors are always there to lend a helping hand if needed. The staff is amazing. Any problem is handled promptly. The Staff treats you with respect and kindness and responds to your requests in timely manner. I have lived here 4 years and enjoy my apartment, the pool, my neighbors, and the nearby community. I have the utmost respect for the Staff members, Angie, Sarah, Karen, Tim, Izet and one more maintenance man that I don’t have his name. Thank you,Barbara Overkamp 807 Fox Chase Drive
Jenn Rhine
Jenn R.
The staff is awesome, the pool is great and the residents are very much nice
Laura Rasmussen Michaels Via
Laura Rasmussen Michaels V.
The staff is very helpful and understanding of anything life may throw at you
James Via
James V.
My wife Laura and I have been living here for almost 3yrs and we really enjoy living here.
Pat Kumm
Pat K.
I have lived at Fox Chase for over 12 years always been a good place to live and I don't get home much because my job is in transportation one time I even forgot to close my front door I got home 3 weeks later and everything was still there as if everything was locked up tightThe people who work there act as if they live there because many of them do
Stefanie Struckhoff
Stefanie S.
I have been here almost 2 years and everything has been great! The staff is always kind and awesome to work with! The grounds are well kept and any issues reported are always fixed quickly! This is a great place to live!
Jaime Bryan Panosh
Jaime Bryan P.
I am a single mom, with twins. We have been living a Fox Chase for a little over a year...we had the opportunity to meet Tom(the wonderful owner who passed a while ago) and also some of his family who ran it after his passing...Not only were they great but the staff is pretty much the same..."Family" that's what it's like to Live at these apartments. Everyone helps and makes sure your well taken care of. Even when the new owners took over Angie and Sarah were there every step of the way for their Residents. Letting us know what's happening and if we needed anything they were both only a call away..I am so happy with these apartments and am happy to call them my home, if your looking for a place that has everything from the friendly and out going staff to all the extra bonuses, look no further Fox Chase Apartments should be the next place you call home!
Morgan Nobles
Morgan N.
A great place to call home, everyone that works here and lives here are so sweet and kind and always are there for you. Overall great environment! Definitely suggest these apartment
Stephen Saller
Stephen S.
Patsy Caffery
Patsy C.
When I moved in how was concerned about living in an apartment but after four years I am so happy I chose Fox Chase the people here have been very nice things are fixed right away and the grounds are always kept very beautiful the pool is very beautiful and relaxing no regrets for me
Gayle Benton-Rice
Gayle B.
Moved in Feb 2015. Nice place, very good at keeping everything in order and quick to fix anything. Love it here so far. 🙂
Janice Emch White
Janice Emch W.
V ery well kept up grounds. Very nice people managing the apts. I feel very much at home there
Bobbi Lucas Spahr
Bobbi Lucas S.
Codie Ethier
Codie E.
Lauren Eastham
Lauren E.
Anthony Longo
Anthony L.

I appreciate the maintenance crew at Fox Chase for always being so thorough in their repairs. Great crew! – B.O. (May 2021)

My boyfriend and I moved from New Mexico and we knew we would not be able to go look at the apartments in person before our move to Missouri, so we solely had to rely on pictures and reviews from other residents. Upon moving in, we were thoroughly pleased with our apartment. We were happy with how spacious the apartment was and that the pictures were true to what we were actually getting. We are also happy that it was easy to find overall, with a great location. Our move-in day went very smoothly and throughout the whole process, Sarah was very attentive and quick to respond to any questions we had. – S.E.  (Jan. 2021)

So far my experience has been wonderful, very welcoming to the community. – S.E.  (Nov. 2019)

The few times I had maintenance requests the issue was promptly repaired, replaced or I was always informed of the status. – T.S.  (Oct. 2019)

Angie and Sarah in the office were great. I was moving from out of state and they were quite helpful both in person and on the phone. – C. G.  (July 2019)

The experience was a positive one. The person I dealt with was very nice and exhibited a high level of patience. – L. M.  (June 2019)

I lived at Fox Chase apartments for 16 years. It was a wonderful place to call home and the staff always went above and beyond for the residents. I would highly recommend it. – T. S. (July 2019)

I just appreciate the opportunity your company has given us. – D. & L. F.  (Januray 2019)

I was thrilled to be able to move into Fox Chase. I loved the look of the apt. and the grounds. Sarah was a very professional and friendly agent. She was an excellent ambassador for Fox Chase. I am happy to be here!
– M.L. (August 2018)

The staff is very nice and the move in was very smooth
– B.S. (July 2018)

I have been here a few short weeks but from the moment I applied I already felt like I was home. The staff is super friendly and they helped me every step of the way! I absolutely love my new home and can not wait to see what this year has in store.
– R.M. (July 2018)

The location of the apartments is ideal for working in St. Louis. The neighborhood is pleasant and quiet.
 B.S. (July 2018)

I think fox chase is awesome. Always takes care of any problem !!
 C.R. (July 2018)

I consider Fox Chase my home and truly appreciate all that you and the rest of the staff do to make living here special.  I have lived in apartments for most of my life and consider this complex to be the best.
 S.L. (June 2018)

The staff has been wonderful throughout the whole moving process. Anything that could be done to make our moving experience easier, was done! We even received a basket of goodies that truly has came in handy 😊. The grounds are beautifully kept.
C.F. (May 2018)

Everything was very good your staff was very friendly and professional.
–  G.F. (May 2018)

Kudos to Tom and Karen for their care and help this afternoon! I locked my car keys and my purse in my car. My phone and extra car keys were in my purse, but luckily my apartment key was in my hand! The new maintenance man Musa was working in my building, so he contacted the office and Tim and Karen came to my rescue. Not only did they see that my car issue was resolved, but they also were concerned for my well-being. It’s nice knowing that your associates aren’t just hard working folks but genuinely caring people!! –  D.W. (May 2018)

I just want to say what a terrific job the maintenance department did on installing two toilets. I cannot tell you how pleased we were with them, and also Angie for her having this done in such a prompt manner. the employees at Fox Chase are great, Thanks to all of you.
–  M. S. (May 2018)

Angie & Sarah were both fantastic. I am very happy with the overall experience.
–  K. B. (March 2018)

A very fast process! Came in, looked at the apartment, applied got approved the next day. They worked with us to get us in ASAP. Sarah and mya are very nice and make the process super easy!
– J. P. (March 2018)

Love love this apartment. Had lived in my home 30 yrs and was worried about going to an apt but this experience has been great.. Wonderful staff!!! Everyone makes you feel like family… It’s a community.. Can’t wait till summer when I can meet more of the neighbors.. Beautiful grounds …
– C. R. (March 2018)

Everything is great… Love the apartment. Very happy!!! Thank you !!! So happy living here!! Can’t wait till weather get nice do I can meet more of the neighbors. Everyone in our building is so nice .. And it’s quiet!!!
– C. R. (March 2018)

I wanted to take a minute to extend a huge thank you to all of you for taking care of my refrigerator issue so quickly. You have no idea how much I appreciate that! I also want to thank you for always being prompt when I had to call for other things. I really appreciate all of you. Thanks again!
– J. K. (March 2018)

Location is great. Easy access to 141 and 55.
– K. R. (March 2018)

Great place. Fast response with the application.
– M. R. (March 2018)

I love this place it’s quiet and very comfy living the staff is wonderful thank you.
– J. S. (March 2018)

The staff has been wonderful throughout the whole moving process. Anything that could be done to make moving a bit easier was done. I have never once felt like a stranger am always treated like an old friend. I received all the info one needs when moving to a new area as well as a basket of goodies that truly came in handy.
– G. M. (February 2018)

I recently relocated here from CT to be near my brother and needed to find an apartment. Fox Chase was the one I chose as it was near my family and close to things to do. The staff here are very friendly and understanding. The apartments are clean, the grounds are clean and they cater to our four-legged friends too with a nice pet playground area and plenty of doggie poop bag stations scattered throughout the property. It has a wonderful playground for the little ones and a great looking pool, which I can’t wait to use this coming summer!! I would recommend Fox Chase Apartments to anyone I know that would be relocating here or just looking for a nice apartment to live in. – M. R. (December 2017)

I recently relocated here from CT to be near my brother and needed to find an apartment. Fox Chase was the one I chose as it was near my family and close to things to do. The staff here are very friendly and understanding. The apartments are clean, the grounds are clean and they cater to our four legged friends too with a nice pet playground area and plenty of doggie poop bag stations scattered throughout the property. It has a wonderful playground for the little ones and a great looking pool,which I cant wait to use this coming summer!! I would recommend Fox Chase Apartments to anyone I know that would be re-locating here or just looking for a nice apartment to live in.
– Melisa Rose (November 2017)

My family relocated from out of state and the staff was incredible in getting us taken care of. We even came in a day early (on a Sunday when the office is closed) and staff took time away from their agenda to come welcome us and get us our keys. It was so wonderful! The apartment is great! We don’t hear our neighbors either. The grounds are beautifully kept, and looks very welcoming! I would highly recommend Fox Chase!
– A. H. (November 2017)

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They were extremely flexible with setting up a move in date.
– M. D. (October 2017)

We would like to thank you Angie and your staff for a pleasant stay at Fox Chase Apartments. We have been recommending you guys to anyone looking to rent. You were always there for us in times of need and always went the extra mile to take care of all our issues in a very timely manner. It was a pleasure to have lived at Fox Chase and it will always be remembered!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
– D. M. (August 2017)

Thank you Angie for putting out the memo regarding dog sitters. I didn’t expect you to do that, but as usual, you go beyond your duty when it comes to tenants. Thank you again and I am so impressed that you went above and beyond your duty. But then again, you are Angie, the best asset to Fox Chase.
– B. O. (July 2017)

Your staff is amazing!
– D. B. (June 2017)

In the 4 years I lived at Fox Chase I had maybe three/four maintenance issues and they were attended to immediately. My son and I have remained personal friends with the entire staff at Fox Chase. I would highly recommend Fox Chase to anyone looking for an apartment.
– J. P. (May 2017)

I must say Angie went above and beyond to do anything and everything possible i.e. Answering many questions, making herself available for us, and being extra kind and patient during our move. Barron Realty is excellent in every way and we LOVE our new apartment!
– S. C. (April 2017)

We had never lived in an apartment before and were apprehensive, but the entire Fox Chase crew was great! We couldn’t have found a better place to live.
– K. K. (March 2017)

Thank you so much for your willingness to work with us and for your dedication to making our stay pleasant. We really felt that we had a home at Fox Chase.
– O. I. (February 2017)

Any time I had a problem, it was dealt with promptly and they always made a follow up call to check to see that I was satisfied.
– D. Z. (January 2017)