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The Fox Chase Apartments in Arnold, MO, offer comfortable and spacious living options. Our 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units are pet-friendly with modern floor plans and amenities. The complex includes a swimming pool, playground, and dog park. Our convenient location is minutes from I-55, I-270, and Highway 141, with easy access to shopping, restaurants, and local businesses.

When it’s time to make a significant decision regarding your next home, we invite you to arrange a tour. You can explore how Fox Chase Apartments seamlessly meets all your domestic needs. Near the tranquil Mississippi and Meramec Rivers, Arnold is only 18 miles south of vibrant Saint Louis. Despite its proximity to the bustling city, Arnold offers a serene escape encircled by natural beauty. 

Arnold’s natural landscape provides many options for outdoor enthusiasts. Rolling hills, lush foliage, and enchanting waterways define this area. The city boasts nine captivating parks encompassing over 400 acres of green space. They are perfect for strolling, picnicking, fishing, boating, and sports. Prominent recreational destinations in Arnold include:

  • Arnold City Park
  • The Arnold Recreation Center
  • Arnold Golf Club (formerly known as Pomme Creek Golf Course).

In addition, Arnold proudly hosts two dog parks, a seasonal farmers market, and an array of contemporary shopping centers with well-known restaurants. Arnold is just minutes from popular attractions like the Mastodon State Historic Site and Suson Park. Commuting from Arnold is effortless, thanks to its proximity to I-55 and U.S. 61.

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Living in the Arnold Neighborhood

Incorporated in September 1972, Arnold has undergone a remarkable transformation over 40 years. Once considered a small river town on the outskirts of St. Louis, it has evolved into a thriving suburban city with substantial population growth. This rapid growth began in the late 1990s, following Jefferson County’s relaxation of commercial development regulations to attract businesses.

Arnold residents who used to commute long distances to work in St. Louis began to seek job opportunities closer to home. This surge in commercial development also spurred the construction of expansive apartment complexes that have become the residence of choice for young professionals.

While Arnold’s residents occasionally journey into St. Louis city and county to partake in the city’s museums and cultural attractions, the town hosts numerous annual events that rival those organized by larger suburbs of St. Louis. For instance, Arnold’s 4th of July celebration boasts one of the most extensive fireworks displays in the region.

Transportation Choices Near Our Apartments in Arnold, MO

Arnold offers a transportation infrastructure with bike lanes, extensive pedestrian sidewalks, and affordable public parking. Remarkably, there is no charge for parking at any social or government venue in the area. The city’s bike paths wind through the lush, wooded landscapes that dominate most of Jefferson County. Residents can conveniently run errands at places like Schnuck’s and return home using bike paths that link various neighborhoods. The tranquil, picturesque subdivisions create an ideal backdrop for leisurely evening strolls.

Arnold’s strategic location adjacent to Interstate 55 ensures minimal travel time from the heart of Jefferson County to downtown St. Louis. Jeffco Boulevard seamlessly transitions into the four-lane Missouri Highway 61/67, spanning Jefferson County, before splitting into another four-lane highway leading travelers deep into the Ozark National Forest. 

For residents in need of cab transportation, County Cab is the go-to choice. While Uber St. Louis has gained prominence in the city of St. Louis, this carpool-themed transportation service has yet to make significant inroads in the Arnold market.

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Arnold Apartments Shopping

While Arnold is home to a few prominent big-box retailers, the city primarily embraces many boutique stores that adorn its major thoroughfares, including Richardson Road and Jeffco Boulevard. Situated near the primary commercial shopping hub at the intersection of Jeffco Boulevard and Big Bill Road are various local social spots. Velvet Rabbit Consignment Boutique presents a captivating selection of handcrafted toys, furniture, and hand-stitched women’s clothing in distinctive styles.

Arnold’s Walk-in Closet operates a unique program that enables customers to trade their clothing items as partial payment for new pieces within the store. For those with a penchant for quality food, Arnold’s Farmer Market serves as a haven for local organic produce, much of which originates from nearby farms on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River.

The Jefferson Barracks Bridge facilitates the transportation of fresh produce from Illinois. This seasonal farmer’s market opens its doors for business in early May. It continues until the last week of October, drawing health-conscious shoppers from South County who come to explore the offerings of the Good 4-U Nutrition store.

At Fox Chase Apartments, we make your search for the perfect living experience simple. Let us show you how a convenient location, charming living spaces, and modern amenities combine to give you the apartment you’ve been searching for.


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